What is This Blog (And Why is it Here?)

“Do any of you have a blog?” one of my Creative Writing professors asked the class. One or two people raised their hands, but most of us just stared at each other with blank expressions. She tutted at us,

“You should all have blogs,” she said, “They’re very useful.”

I always walk away from that class thinking, but this was the comment my brain latched onto. Why would I have a blog? What would I even talk about? I keep up with a couple of blogs, sure, but blogs owned of the likes of Hannah Witton and Lucy Moon – incredibly strong female vloggers with a strong sense of aesthetic and a lot to say. I keep up with Hank Green’s Medium page too, and he’s never said a thing I didn’t think was enlightening in some way. They talk about their political views, or their opinions on new makeup brands, or body image in the public eye, or faults with YouTube’s censoring algorithm. The professor who suggested this project keeps a blog about a near-forgotten African tribe who maintain the hunter gatherer lifestyle. I don’t live a life like that. I’m not that exciting. What could I- a 20 year old writer trying to get a degree- possibly make a blog about?

So, I did what made the most sense to me. I asked Twitter.

Saying I was surprised by the results would be an understatement. The `Mental Health and Writing` category was a suggestion from my aforementioned Creative Writing professor after she found out I suffered severely from depression and anxiety. Honestly, I thought people would be the least interested in that one, but there it is, joint first. The worldbuilding one didn’t quite surprise me as much, I’m somewhat known for being…shall we say `eccentric`?

The spread of these votes gave me one message loud and clear: “Let Us Hear About You.”

So I made this blog. My attempt at keeping a written record of the person (I refuse to say adult) I am becoming. Including my ups, downs and all out war against my mental health, my insane love of Dungeons and Dragons, my struggles with writing, sleeping, getting out of bed in the morning, and coming up with anything worth saying.

Welcome aboard, stranger. This is going to be weird.